Top 6 Best Shoes for Waitressing in 2020

Waitressing is a job that requires one to be light on their feet so they can handle their demanding job well throughout the day. As a waitress, you should consider the shoes you wear because you spend many hours on your feet, serving customers. The right shoes will ensure that your job is more comfortable compared to when you have poorly fitted shoes, which will result in a painful experience. If you invest in the right shoes, you will prevent yourself from suffering from sore feet and experiencing any foot deformities. It will also help you reduce pain on the heel and arch.

This guide will take you through the top 6 best shoes for waitressing in 2020. They include:

1. Dansko Women’s Professional Clog Mule

This shoe is chosen as the best boots for waitressing on and almost any other shoe site on the web. They are extremely comfortable with a wide toe box, they are durable and made from the highest quality avialable and Besides that It has the following features:

  • This clog has a slip-resistant outsole and a detachable cushioned footbed that ensure you are comfortable. Its slip-resistant feature will protect you from slipping and hurting yourself.
  • The Dansko Professional Mule has a design that makes it look stylish.
  • This footwear is available in white and black, meaning it perfectly matches with any work uniforms.
  • Footbeds have leather and foam that will absorb any sweat keeping your feet fresh all day long. These shoes also protect you from getting blisters.

Therefore, as you serve customers from one table to the next, the Dansko Women’s Professional Clog Mule has got you covered with all these features.

2. Townforst Women’s Slip-Resistant Jess

The Townforst Women’s Slip-Resistant Jess Work shoes have the following features making them a perfect choice for waitresses:

  • They are resistant to both grease and water.
  • They have cushioned insoles, and they are light and very flexible; hence you need not worry about carrying heavy stuff.
  • This footwear has an outer rubber sole that can resist a certain level of impact. This impact resistance will help you move with ease on the stairs.
  • This slip-resistant shoe also looks stylish, and you can even wear it when you are not at work.

3. Skechers for Work Women’s Soft Stride

The Skechers for Work Women’s Soft Stride shoes are perfect, and you can also wear them when you are not at work. They have these key features:

  • This work shoe has a rubber outsole, which is also slip-resistant hence providing comfort and minimizing slip accidents. You can comfortably work in areas that are wet and oily.
  • These sneakers provide secondary protection against any electrical hazards.
  • There are perforated vents in these sneakers hence providing optimal breathing. They ensure your feet are fresh and dry all day long.
  • The toe area of these shoes is lightweight and made of superior materials to offer maximum support, comfort, and protection.

4. KEEN Women’s Kaci Shoe

KEEN Women’s Kaci Shoe can offer you comfort all through the day. It has the following additional features:

  • With this footwear, the chances of falling or slipping are very minimal.
  • These shoes have mesh lining to allow for the free circulation of air in the shoe hence protecting your feet from being sweaty and smelly.
  • The KEEN Women’s Kaci Shoe has a foam footbed to offer you support and comfort.
  • The outsole is extremely durable and offers traction, ensuring you can comfortably walk on any surface.

5. Vionic Women’s Walker Shoes

Vionic Women’s Walker Shoes have the following features, which is why you should consider them if you are a waitress:

  • These shoes have a sturdy outsole that offers traction and stability; hence you can comfortably walk with them on any surface.
  • The mesh lining ensures breathability when wearing these shoes. Your feet will always be fresh and dry.
  • The manufacturers of this footwear use medical technology that helps fight bacteria and odor hence reducing the chances of getting infections.
  • This footwear has Orthaheel technology, which offers arch support and helps realign your strides, ensuring you have a natural posture.

6. Alegria Women’s Keli Professional Shoe

Alegria Women’s Keli Professional Shoe is perfect for any woman whose job entails standing all day long, such as a waitress. The following features make them the ideal choice:

  • The leather on the outside of this shoe and a rubber outsole ensures their durability.
  • Latex, cork, and foam are the major products that make this shoe hence offering your arch and heels support when walking all day.
  • The outsole is slip-resistant hence minimizing accidents while at work.
  • Alegria Women’s Keli Professional Shoes offer you comfort while ensuring you look professional.

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