The history of cowboy boots

Cowboy Boots started in the 19th century during the American Civil War, the design was influenced by the soldiers ‘shoes at the time, and the cowboys in the south turned to the manufacturer of the soldiers’ shoes and asked him to make changes to the boots to fit the horses.

The design of the cowboy boots is special and it all means cowboy boots! The first models of cowboy boots were made of simple leather but over time due to the cowboys’ demand the boots were upgraded and added to other quality materials. Cowboy boots have become so fashionable that today’s national cowboy boots are for sale to anyone who likes the style of the morning. More cowboys are cow leather than cowboy boots, but more exotic cowboy boots such as crocodile, snake, ostrich in Apollo and more.

When you come to buy cowboy boots the first thing you should consider is the size of the boot. The size of the boot is different from your regular shoe size so it is important to measure your foot and measure your boots before you buy them. It is advisable to purchase cowboy boots in the afternoon or evening as the feet expand during the day and this can be significant in terms of shoe comfort. The boot design in the toe area of ​​the cowboy boots is different from boot to boot. Some have a square boot while others are pointed or rounded.

Think about the shape of the leg and the comfort, not just your personal taste. Not everyone fits cowboy boots with a pointy tip. However, most cowboy boots for men and women have a pointy tip. For women, there are cowboy boots specially designed for the morning. However, you can buy men’s cowboy boots to a small extent, this is especially suitable for the ownership of wide feet ..
Another thing to consider is the height of the heels of the boot. Cowboy boots come with different sizes of heels from almost flat boots to a relatively serious heel. A good boot is such that it is easy to put your foot in it as well as to take out. If you find yourself putting a lot of effort into wearing the cowboy boots, the size and shape of the boot is not appropriate for your feet. Also, think to notice that your feet move freely.

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